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Florida needs FULL Medical Marijuana, however currently there is a law about to be adopted for restrictive LOW THC Medical Marijuana. The Florida Senate and House approved Senate Bill 1030 and 1700 - also known as the Charlotte's Web Bill (Medical Cannabis with High CBD, Low THC). It was signed into law by Gov. Rick Scott on June 16th, 2014. This law establishes a compassionate use registry for cancer and intractable epilepsy patients and an infrastructure for the cultivation and distribution of non-euphoric medical marijuana treatments in Florida. Florida Department of Health has completed their final draft of the laws. 

1) Growers must have AT LEAST 25% ownernship in a nursery (or 100% owners of a nursery) that has been doing business in Florida for at least 30 years and are producing at least 400,000 plants. Currently, 41 nurseries meet that criteria, according to the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services.

2) There will ONLY be 5 dispensaries, one in each corner and center of the state. If there is more than one applicant within the 5 regions, "a public lottery will be held to determine the order in which applications are considered,'' according to the draft rule. The first complete application that meets all of the eligibility requirements would be the winner.

3) The chosen dispensary would have 30 days to pay $150,000 for a license and post a $5 million performance bond. If the applicant fails to meet the financial obligations, the department would start the selection process over again. The renewal fee is $300,000 every 2 years.

4) Applicants would also have to provide documentation that they have the ability to obtain the premises, resources and personnel necessary to operate as a dispensing organization, including maps showing the location of facilities; site plans drawn to scale of the cultivation, processing and dispensing areas; and photographs showing the parking lot and entryways into the building. Also, applicants would be required to include a list of staff members, who must all be over the age of 21, and prove that they have passed background screenings. The application must also include proof that individuals who are owners have passed background screenings.

5) Under the rule, dispensaries would have to be open a minimum of 30 hours per week and operate between 7 a.m. and 10 p.m. The dispensaries ARE allowed to transport a 90 day supply of medicine to patients.

6) Applications could also be revoked if a dispensing organization does not begin cultivation within 60 days of approval or does not begin dispensing within 120 days. The products would have to be tested to verify the THC-CBD content and for the presence of chemical additives.

7) Any sample that has more than 0.8 percent THC or less than 10 percent CBD would have to be reported immediately to law enforcement officials, according to the rule. The entire batch submitted for testing would have to be destroyed.

8) It cannot be smoked or put into edibles for sale. It can only be sold as CBD Oil.

If the Joint Procedure and Administrative Committee reviews the law and has no additional changes, the law will be adopted on Sept 30th. Applications for dispensaries will be from Oct 20th - Nov 4th. If needed, the lottery would be held on a yet to be determined date, and dispensaries could begin business on Jan 1st 2015. UPDATE: On September 15th Costa Farms filed a petition challenging the proposed regulations for the Charlotte's Web law. This could delay the dates listed above by as much as 76 days.

Charlotte's Web is only the first step! 

We need to VOTE YES on #2 for FULL Florida Medical Marijuana!

Click Here for a Florida Voter Registration Application.